D. Ellis is…

Last week I received an answer to my question, “Who is D. Ellis?”  By some twist of internet fate, D. Ellis read my post on our Mixtape and emailed me to share his gratitude. David Ellis is a teacher in Harlem and has composed over 3,000 poems. He posts poems on his Twitter almost daily. What a refreshing reminder that our Mixtape is living archive and conduit for connecting with other urban writers in NYC!

What I like most about Ellis’s poems is the knowledge they leave unsaid. The short verse has a haiku-like form: the vibrant images hang suspended from one another, and the last line envelopes the reader with aura of mystery.  The ellipses act as holding places for the reader to catch her breath, a caesura that lets the concrete image evolve and disperse. The effervescence of his lines speaks to fleeting conceptions of time, place, and memory, where the written word becomes a catalyst for recalling other buried memories.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/artbydellis

Some more poems from D. Ellis:

Embrace of Seasons- August heat feels good on me..Autumn rustling leaves…December snow relaxing on the trees…Cherry Blossoms in Spring..

The Light House- The light will always be on…dark nights..even in storms..so you will always be able to find your way home….back to me..

Mama Africa- Said she was waiting to hold me in her arms…. and this is where my ancestors are from…to come back home…to Africa…

Sandalwood- Her hair blew in the wind like the Autumn leaves…I enjoy watching them..so many colors…will soon be gone …like all of us..


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