Graffiti-why discriminate?

Since we started “Project Graffiti,” I’ve been trying to keep my eyes peeled for “wow” pieces of graffiti art while walking around the city. But then I thought–why discriminate? Graffiti has become part of the city’s everyday aesthetic, so much so, that we don’t look twice when we see faded swooping tags or block bubble letters on a building’s facade. When we see this “everyday” graffiti, do we ever stop and try to decipher its code? Or do we pass by without hesitation? Below is some quotidian graffiti I’ve documented:

photo 1

Saw Mill River Parkway bike path in Yonkers.

photo 2

From the 231st St. 1 train platform in the Bronx.

photo 3

231st St. facing West.


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