Child sentenced to 227 years – iz it justice?

Moorbey'z Blog

by Orlando O. Fields

A child who kills vs. a child who was present but did not kill – what sentence does he deserve? A child of color vs. a Caucasian child – does the system treat them the same? How about the youthful offender vs. the adult offender?

The Pennsylvania Coalition for the Fair Sentencing of Youth is collecting photos and statements like this in their effort to abolish sentences of life without parole for youth. Tweet yours to @PACFSY or email for posting on their Facebook page.

From my reading, I’ve seen a disparity in children’s sentences that is so gross it makes one question the whole justice system. When it comes to children who have killed vs. children who have not, sometimes the sentences for those who have not killed are far more harsh than that of a child killer.

Children of color – be they Brown, Black or Red – are also treated more harshly than Caucasian children when it comes to meting out punishment for wrongs done. A White child is more likely to remain in the care of juvenile detention whereas a child of…

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