May 25: “Remaking Justice beyond Police, Courts, and Prisons” Free University

Remaking Justice beyond Police, Courts, and Prisons”

Free University

Sunday, May 25, 2:30pm-6pm

Battery Park, Manhattan

(4/5 to Bowling Green, R to Whitehall, 1 to South Ferry)


Free University Statement:


We in Free University-NYC recognize that a stellar defense campaign and international grassroots support won leniency for Cecily, who had faced up to 7 years in prison, and that we can harness this power to support many more people who confront injustice every day. We see that a police officer’s sexual assault upon a woman, that is then used against her by a judge and district attorney, demonstrates one of the myriad examples of the irreparably failed state of the legal system. We commit to fundamentally rebuild ideas and practices of justice, accountability, healing, and reparations with all who have been abused, and for our people most directly affected to lead the way.


Free University-NYC invites you to a special event on Sunday, May 25, “Remaking Justice beyond Police, Courts, and Prisons,” in solidarity with Cecily and a broader struggle to transform society so that this upside-down system divides and punishes us no longer. We urge you to contribute a workshop, volunteer, spread the word, and keep this amazing movement energy flowing to end race/gender/sexuality/class violence, police brutality, Stop n’ Frisk, mass incarceration, detentions and deportations, and repression of political dissent. This Sunday, we will create a safe movement space to share histories, practices, and updates on these related struggles, and to envision concrete steps toward transformative justice.



Cecily McMillan’s Sentencing Statement, May 19, 2014:


Cecily McMillan’s Words:


Facebook Event Page:


Free University NYC:


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