Purpose and Practice of the United Panther Movement (2014)

Moorbey'z Blog

Why We Must Build the UPM

Racism is not going to go away, nor is repression, nor the continued cycles of mounting crises created by the capitalist-imperialist system. These can only be ended by proletariansocialist revolution. The masses are not going to be quick to recognize and take this path. They have to see its benefits to be convinced that it is the only way forward first.

While they have an inexhaustible enthusiasm for learning and liberation on the one hand, they also burn out and get demoralized and defeatist on the other. The struggle advances in waves with high tides and ebbs.

One of the causes of burnout and demoralization by the masses and even those who’ve aspired to lead them in struggle is the idealist expectation that things will move forward in a straight line. Terrorism and the fascist approach are expressions of impatience and beliefs…

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