Back from Ferguson activistz Rosa Clemente & Russell Shoats III

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Rosa Clemente, an activist and former Green Party VP candidate will speak to us about the police terrorism she and others suffered while protesting in Ferguson, Missouri on August 20,2014. She told Ebony online that “officers swooped in on us from all directions and locked us down. The threats, their eyes, postures, weaponry said it all: “We have the power, we don’t care how many cameras there are, we can do what we want and we will never have to be held accountable.”

Russell Shoatz III speaks with us tonight about his father Russell Maroon Shoatz who is a political prisoner currently being tortured in prison after being convicted in a Kangaroo trial for killing a Philadelphia police officer in 1970. The Philadelphia police was notorious for its abuse of Black people in the city and worked directly directly with the FBI in its illegal COINTELPRO activities…

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